archie moore

kith and kin

venice biennale 2024

20 april – 24 november 2024

the phrase kith and kin; simply means friends and family but an earlier old english definition for kith dates from the 1300s and originally meant ‘countrymen’ (kith also meant ‘one’s native land’) and kin: ‘family members’. these words gradually took on the present looser sense: friends and family. many indigenous australians, especially those who grew up on country, see the land and other living things as part of their kinship system–the land itself can be a mentor, teacher, parent to a child. the sense of belonging involves everyone and everything and first nations peoples of australia, which, like most indigenous cultures, is deeply rooted in our sacred landscape from birth until death. i was interested in the phrase as it aptly describes the artwork in the pavilion, but i was also interested in the old english meaning of the words as it feels more like a first nations understanding of attachment to place, people and time.

archie moore

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